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Sydney31may14-3Chris May, the Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sydney attended the fundraising function at ABHC Centre Leppington on the weekend.

In his speech Mr May emphasised the importance of lobbying Aldermen and Councils as part of the effort to inform the public and secure the Government support.

“One more point is that Alderman will usually be members or associates of the major political parties. As such, sufficient lobbying of them will in turn be passed to the local State and Federal Member to keep the pressure on the Federal Government to commit aid. At the end of the day, we are close to achieving this and we must not stop.

Australians who do not have connections with the Balkans have no conception of the extent of this disaster - it is a little problem they heard something about on the other side of the world. This catastrophe has to be presented to Australians in a way they can relate to. For example did you know that: Brisbane's metropolitan area has a population of 2.24 million and is spread over 5,950 km square.

In Bosnia alone over 1 million people have been directly affected. Approximately a third of the country’s 51,129 km square or 17,043 km square is directly affected by the floods. Over 100,000 homes are no longer fit for habitation.

Finally, it is estimated that it will take 10 long years to recover what has been lost. Tonight is not the end of our efforts it is but a start. Lobby your local council alderman and your state and federal members of parliament as well as the Senators of your state. They all know one another. If enough people move a pebble you move mountains. Don’t think your effort will not help, please write a note in your own words asking them to support the provision of HUMANITARIAN AID.

We have to get through that this is about little people, the sick and elderly, countless people made homeless and without jobs, the destruction of the countries agriculture and industry and the ability to feed its people without help. We must secure the aid of the Australian Government.

Finally may I, on behalf of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, again thank every one of your community right across Australia, for their efforts and generous support at this incredibly difficult time.”





For more information about the Honorary Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sudney please visit the web site

1 June 2014



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