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Recently AUBHA (Australian Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina Associations) has raised more money for flood victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of Saturday June 7, the total is $93,091 AUD.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their generous support. Below are details of money collected so far and names of donors whose names have not been published yet.

Bank payments received in order

Transfer from BOB GAJIC NetBank


Transfer from ALISA GARIBOVIC NetBank


Cash Dep Branch Dandenong Plaza

(BH Centar Springvale)


Cash Dep Branch Kilkenny,

BHMSA (Ajdin Mulabecirovic)


Direct Credit - SUBHAN ALI


Direct Credit - Flood Relief (no name)


Cash Dep Branch Dandenong Plaza,

(BH Centar Springvale)


Cash & Chq Dep Branch Revesby

(BH community Sydney)


Cash Dep Branch Rundle Mall,



Cash Dep Branch Rundle Mall, BHMZSA


Direct Credit - SUBHAN ALI


Cash Dep Branch Corio,



Cash Dep Branch Whitford,



Cash Dep Labrador Soccer Club

Gold Coast


Cash Dep Dandenong Plaza

(BH Centar Springvale)





Internet/Paypal payments ($1,630)

Edin Husic


Irina Kopaeva


Steven Sabo


Liljana Janjetovic


Dragana Malic


Amela Salcin


Jasmin Sinanovic


E. O.


Amir Pandzo


Hakija Resic


Dushko Bogunovich


Sabina Sekerovic


Boris Zarkovic


Ademir Lakota


Mirela Music


Mirsada Music



Cash payments (received in Melbourne, then deposited into bank account, but names have not been published before)

Mahmut Festic


Samir Dorhmi


Minaret College (Edina Omerovic)


Sahvudin Muminovic


Aida Vasiljevic


Milorad Stupar


Dario Stupar


Smajo Rukic


Enes Omerovic


Salih Baba


Ismeta Pasic and friends

from Peters ice-cream company


Salko i Hasiba Halilovic


Refik Halilovic





At the moment we do not have details (names and individual amounts) from fundraising activities in Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast. However, all the money raised in these 3 cities has been paid into joint AUBHA’s account.

See also

Report from Sydney

Report from Melbourne


Please inform us in case of any error or discrepancy. Also, if you prefer to remain anonymous let us know.


Once we receive a feedback and report from humanitarian organisations/recipients in Bosnia it will be published on our web site.



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